I was at work during New Years. I was on the stroke unit and we got as many patients as possible into the tea room to watch the fire works from the hospital windows. It was.... strange. I've been with D for the last 11 new years so to count down and enter into the New Year with complete strangers was funny. I care less and less each year though so was not overly upset at not being out at a party or celebrating with my hubby. I love being with my patients though so it was good. 

I've been wanting to write this post all month... 2014.  A new year and of course a fresh beginning.... right? We all consider our 'new years resolutions' at the close of each year. As I did this year I thought about what I want to achieve this year, what I want to change, what I want to learn and so on... and something I realised is that my resolutions stemmed from what I hadn't done last year, what I didn't achieve, what I hadn't changed and what I was unable to learn.  But before I burdened myself with the todo list of how to go about getting all these things DONE I took a step back and here is my revelation and piece of encouragement for you.... 

Let your 2014 resolution be to start at the root. Our weaknesses so often stem from much deeper impairments or deficiencies or shortcomings. So if your resolution, for example, is to eat less sugar look into why you crave sugar so much to start with. Do you have a systemic candida issue you need to tackle before just knocking off the chocolate? This journey would allow a much deeper understanding and long term change. If you've decided to be a better spouse or mother, consider the possibilities of why you weren't so great at it last year. For me I know I can be a better mother... something I've learnt whilst being home these last 3 months is that I struggled a lot last year because I didn't have my village around me. What a difference it has made feeling supported and having a community around you that know you and journey with you. To be a better Mum, I have to be more intentional about pursuing a community where we live OS.

So its only simple... maybe too simple... but its my encouragement to you. Dig deeper. Find the root problem or cause to your new years resolutions and start by ripping them up from the depth of where they came from... or.... nourishing a good root that is already growing so the fruit may be abundant!  



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