Christmas is coming! I cannot believe another year has passed. Where we currently live, the Christmas decorations came up beginning/middle of October!! I swear it gets earlier every year... soon they won't bother taking them down! 

Now I know we've all heard about the consumption at Christmas before. How crazy it is how much we spend, how much we shop, how much excess we shower over ourselves and our families. It is something to deeply think about and I do encourage you to do so - what is the meaning of Christmas for you and your family? (Religious or not) 

But this post is not about rubbing that in or pointing out the dreadful amount of money we spend on ourselves at Christmas time... its to consider changing something up this year. You are able to embrace ethical living with as much gusto as you choose. So consider the levels of gusto you would be willing to embrace. 

Part of thriving in our own lives is contributing to prosperity of others lives! Helping others to thrive. This can be your friend, your family, neighbour, fellow countrymen or fellow world citizen! :) 

So... this Christmas I encourage you to change at least one thing in your Christmas celebrations. If you can change 2 things, 10 things, 20 things! Awesome but sometimes its overwhelming to shift everything at once. One step is better than none! Here are some ideas: 

- Choose Ethical products for gifts - fair trade items that are free of child labour, slave labour and unethical treatment of workers
- Limit the gifts you give to your kids - they don't need then anything is a bonus! 
- Give experiences as a gift, something that adds to the memories or life experiences of the person as opposed to a "thing" 
- Write letters to prisoners or refugees as a family
- Buy presents for organisations that will give them to the homeless or fostered 
- Put a spending limit on the presents between you an your family
- Invite a lonely neighbour or nursing home resident to your family lunch/dinner
- Cook with organic and ethical food

There are so many more ideas I am just writing this post on the go so please feel free to comment with more ideas!! 

What is Christmas for you and your family? Embrace a season of change this Christmas and watch your life, and other lives, thrive! 


Lindsay B
11/15/2013 8:57pm

Gifts is something we have been trying to cut back on because, like you said, the money we spend gets out of hand!
We buy a gift out of the Compassion/Food for the Hungry/World Vision catalog each year and talk to our daughter about why we want to be generous in that way.


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