On this journey to becoming a "foodie", it has been interesting challenging the paradigms that were hard wired into my head. Cholesterol and fat = bad! Doesn't matter where it comes from or how natural it is, always go for the 'light' or 'low fat' option. Less fat the better! 

I am a member of the Weston A Price foundation. Sally Fallon is definitely one of my heroes in the food deparment. Some things I'm still unsure about but I learn and read as I go. One thing I have definitely learnt and would encourage you to read up on is that fats (good ones) are SO GOOD for you! This includes oils (olive, coconut, macademia), avocado's, nuts, butter from grass fed organic cows, raw cream and milk, cheese, eggs, fish oil. These are SO good for you! It feeds your brain, it feeds your gut and so many more of your organs. 

It might surprise you to find out how unhealthy low fat options can be! Seriously scary! And of course the good fats are raw, organic, cold pressed etc. 

Below is a link to the "know your fats" page on the Weston Price website. There are heaps of articles and information about it so you can read up on more details of which fats are good and why they are good. 
I've also attached a Sally Fallon youtube clip about butter... Mmmm butter! When you watch it there a few others that are directly link with this video and I encourage you to watch them too - they're all about a minute each. 

Don't be afraid of fats... good fats... Eat up!  You might find your health improves vastly! 




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