As I said on the home page, this is a place where I hope to share what I'm learning mainly for the purpose of creating a space of discussion and even more opportunities for me to learn - from you! 

I think I have been so excited and transformed by the things I've been reading and learning over the last 8 months that I almost feel a responsibility to share it. While some things I write may be my opinion, or simply information, I will also hope to share things I'm struggling with in regards to thriving and hope that you will participate and offer what wisdom and experience you have! 

In my food - I am learning all about how good God is and how much he has provided us with to truly love and care for the bodies he has blessed us with. I am trying to feed my family well and offer them tasty and satisfying meals that benefit them for the years to come. 

In my faith - I am learning about a God whose love is so much bigger than we can imagine. I am learning to be satisfied by his provisions and his goodness. I'm learning to thrive in love and not law

In my family - I am learning how to be a mum and a wife. I am discovering new ways to love my husband. I am learning how I want to raise my son and how I want to parent him, which will affect the man he becomes. Thank God for mothers, sisters and friends who can walk through this with me, share their incredible knowledge, encourage me in new directions and stand by me when I feel l have fallen short. 

I have read so many papers, participated in so many forums and signed up for so many blogs in the last 8 months since T was born. I am now a Weston A Price member (which I will do a post about), I am providing my family with raw milk, home made yoghurt, fermented foods and drinks. I am trying to link into my community to source my food from the closest farmer, market etc. 

God has blessed me with many gifts (which I am very grateful for) but cooking is NOT one of them :) This for me is definitely a learned skill as opposed to something that comes quite naturally. I am not creative with food and I can't just "toss" something together. I have many days where I get frustrated with my lack of ability in this area but am continuing to push through and improve my skills. 

I also want to take this space to write about women that have inspired me and are teaching me a lot about thriving. Although I will not use their names I still want to use this space to honour them and their incredible contribution to my life and others. 

so with that said... please subscribe and enjoy. Participate! If we cannot physically live in community together lets create a virtual one right here! 



07/14/2013 12:54pm

Girl, I used to not even know how to make Mac and cheese! I used Adrian as my guinea pig for taste testing over the years and have hugely can learn the skill of cooking too! But just so you know, your muffins were amazing and I think you are good at making food :)


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