So one of the challenges that we have faced since Teddy was about 4 or so months was eating. Different types of challenges throughout the months that followed. The most recent being....not eating. Now, I'm not talking about eating a little or even just being super fussy.... I'm talking no food. He is a super fussy kid and has also now moved into the phase where spoons are of the enemy!!! He's getting a bit better and deciding to eat SOME food if he feeds himself but its still a challenge to find what he likes and get him to have a decent amount of it. 

A few things have been a winner and I'll be posting about a couple of them... not only because they're foods he'll eat but because they're jam packed with super food goodness so would be good for you kids too... or even you!

So today I made yoghurt melts. Easy, full of goodness and protein and he can eat them himself! Also great for summer. 

This is how I made it but you could add whatever yoghurt/fruits/veggies you wanted:

some raspberries 
Cottage cheese 

Blend all together with some sort of mixer - I used a bamix. 

Add equal to double the amount of yoghurt - I added double and it was pot set, natural yoghurt. 

Use a tea spoon or a piping bag to make little 5c size drops on baking paper/tray. 

Put in the freezer till hard! Save in freezer. ENJOY!



Lindsay B
11/28/2013 1:50pm

These look awesome! We are going to try them!


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