This whole raw/real foods thing can be exhausting and overwhelming. From trying to wrap your head around the amount of information out there about good food and what we're eating, to finding the time/energy/money to do all of the things we've read about! Like I've said in previous posts, take it slow. Choose one challenge and take it one step at a time. God has grace for us to learn amongst the daily grind and will partner with us in taking it step by step. 

So in my ideal world I have the time/energy/finances to have a kitchen full of daily fresh sprouted sourdough, yoghurt, kefir milk and water, fermented veggies and fruits, organic meat, raw milk, homemade cheese, a garden full of veggies and herbs... no actually a full on aquaponics system in my yard, chickens.... the list goes on. I know some of you have a few of these things and a lot of these things. I'm trying not to be jealous! ;) 

My encouragement to those of you who are interested in overhauling your food habits and committing to a healthier lifestyle is to start with the basics. Don't worry about complicating life just yet with the array of different bacteria and fungi you can grow! Start reading your labels. Start avoiding all/most things processed. Make your own sauces. Soak and care for your nuts and grains. Stop believing advertising - the food industry is a business, remember. Start researching the choices you are making - does organic really make a difference or is it just a fad for our spoilt culture? Is "whole grain" helga's bread really nourishing my body or just filling it up? What are you eating today thats contributing to the health of your organs, your mood and your spirit? Is  it healthy? Or do you just think its healthy cause the ad told you it was? 

Start reading, researching and talking with people about real food. It is your responsibility to maintain and upkeep your own health. 

Ways we are changing our habits and mindsets: 

- natural fats are GOOD - oils (coconut and olive), avocados, animal fats (of organic pastured animals), creams and cheeses 
- real butter is GOOD - eat a lot of it :) 
- All vegetables and fruits are organic 
- All meats are organic and pastured 
- Raw milk where possible. But certainly unhomogenised 
- food of the earth - vegetables, nuts, grains (gluten free), fruits and plants in their almost natural state. 
- Trying to avoid all processed sugars, starches etc etc. Processed = bad. Thats the bottom line... if its processed, no matter what the label says, its not the best for you. 

We do make yoghurt, kefir, fermented veggies etc when we can but we have shifted the foundation of our food mindset in our home. I encourage you to do the same. Question your habits and ask yourself if they are really contributing to your body thriving!



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