This year D and I started a "Joy Jar". 

We got a simple glass jar and have it on our coffee table. When wonderful things happen we write them down on a scrap of paper and put them in the jar. At the end of the year we're going to empty it out and read through them all. 

I think we can so often forget about the good things big and small. We often forget how one wonderful thing leads to another.... we forget how we got here. Its been so exciting already to fill up the jar with beautiful memories! Everything from new jobs to milestones for our son to special moments. 

I think part of thriving as a family is learning to be grateful and humbled together. Reflecting as a family on all your blessings. Even in a hard  year... there are blessings. It can help to uplift a darker year or even highlight a bright one to reflect on the good things! 

Give it a try :) 


08/24/2013 2:06am

Awesome!!! Can't wait to start :)


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